Classe delle lauree in: Classe delle lauree magistrali in SCIENZE STORICHE (Classe LM-84)
Durata: 2 anni
Dipartimento: Dipartimento di Antichità, Filosofia, Storia (DAFIST)
Indirizzo web: http://www.scienzeumanistiche.unige.it/didattica/scienzestoriche
Coordinatore del Corso di studio: Carla Pampaloni

Formazione fondata su solida preparazione metodologica, apprendimento di linguaggi disciplinari, conoscenze specialistiche. La formazione si avvale del patrimonio librario delle biblioteche del Dipartimento; del rapporto con istituzioni di carattere culturale, anche attraverso lezioni presso enti di conservazione del patrimonio di cultura storica; di seminari, incontri con studiosi italiani e stranieri, esperienze di tirocinio in Italia e all’estero (programma Placement +ERASMUS).


Too Good To Go Italia

Business Developer

Description Too Good To Go is currently looking for Interns to join their Business Developer team. A third of the food produced in the world is wasted. And that has a huge impact on the health of our planet, 8% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from food waste! At Too Good To Go, we have an ambitious goal: To inspire and empower everyone to fight food waste together. We are the world’s #1 app for fighting food waste. We work with thousands of restaurants and food retailers to make their surplus food available to local consumers. The magic of Too Good To Go has been spreading rapidly across Europe and now also the US, with over 75 million meals saved across 15 countries to date. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but did we mention the issue is huge? We are expanding our team as we speak. And that’s where you come in: we’re looking for an Intern to join our Business Development team for 3 months.

As an Intern in our  Sales team, you will support the team in the following activities:

Proactively engage potential stores and build relationships.
You will need to find, access and onboard the right stores via email and phone and visits. You will spend +70% of your time discovering new partners.
You could also travel around your city/region with your tutor and establish strong relationships.
The mission is developing the Italian market, with the aim to become a wonderful network that will inspire future generations.

Goals and Objectives: The intern will have the opportunity to join a fast scaling international start up with a very real environmental and social impact, with the chance to do something that really matters – every day. Every single partner the team brings on board saves meals from going to waste. The intern will work with and learn from a smart, fun team of highly passionate and dedicated people from around the world who love food and hate waste.


  • Hungry – you’ are results focused, understand KPIs and driven to hit smash targets
  • Terrific talkers (and listeners) with the ability to quickly connect and establish rapport with potential

partners – restaurants, cafes and more

  • Confident relationship builders – whether on the phone or walking in off the street you enjoy making

connections quickly and presenting the proposition with clarity and passion.

  • The company is looking for highly motivated students.


– Mother tongue Italian


– 300 euro per month

Giorgia Alioto

People & Culture Coordinator

E: galioto@toogoodtogo.it | W: toogoodtogo.it

Via San Francesco d’Assisi, 15, 20122 Milano

Pubblicato il 07 Giugno 2021


Corso di lingua inglese da 2 CFU
Pubblicato il 27 Settembre 2017